NEWWAVE exhibition statement

Thursday 26th March – Friday 17th April 2020 

The Viner Galley, Wolverhampton Grammar School.

The NEWWAVE exhibition is being curated by myself together with the assistance of Emma Bowater Head of Art at the Wolverhampton Grammar School. The Viner Gallery forms part of this prestigious school and provides an opportunity for artists to exhibit to the academia, those connected with the school as well as the visiting public. The show consists of approximately 40 artists, including both local and several international exhibitors. Many of the classes have been viewing the exhibition as part of their lessons whilst the school has remained open*.

The show’s objective was to display a diversified selection of work, which covered various artistic practices, styles and genres, so that first and foremost, the students could experience a wide spectrum of talent. If only one piece of work could inspire one person to pursue a career in the arts, then I would deem this endeavour to be a success.

I also wanted to illustrate that artistic statements can be made at any time in our lives, having been inspired by both positive and negative experiences, and that creativity can be a medium to understanding ourselves. Furthermore, one may have to seek employment in a sector other than the arts, but this should never deter or prevent one from being continually creative. A number of works on display are from those not directly working in the arts, yet who still find the inspiration, time and energy to pursue their creative outlets, with some drawing on their professional experiences as an inspirational source.

NEWWAVE is proud to have an array of exhibitors including engineers, teachers, single parent mothers, students, self-employed, unemployed, retired persons etc. I think this is paramount and an important message to us all. One’s well-being is inextricably linked to one’s creativity.

When we looked to the stars we realised we were not merely standing still on a disc, but something far more beautiful was happening. We began to understand ourselves. Our imagination is our greatest resource.

*As the exhibition was being assembled the coronavirus pandemic took over our everyday activities and temporarily rendered the world in suspended isolation. Suddenly, we found ourselves in strange unknown territory. The Grammar School and therefore NEWWAVE, like the majority of all institutions and public buildings, announced it was to close by Friday 20th March 2020.

We will need all our imagination to get through this safely, which I believe we will do. Our creativity will find the solutions, maintain our well being, and hopefully we will reopen.

Graham Everitt
March 2020